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"Good wine is a necessity of life for me."  Thomas Jefferson

Wild Plum Wine Information
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 Wild Plum Wine

What else can we say about Wild Plum Wine except that it is plum good.  (and it is good for a very bad pun...)

But here at Mount Bethel we take it a step further......  we can say, with confidence, plenty more.    The quality of any wine can never be better than the fruit that was used to make it.     Plum wine is no exception.  We tried making wine with all the commercially grown varieties of plums, since they produce large fruit and lots of them.   But, when it came to making a truly good wine, only the wild plums that grow wildly all over the state of Arkansas really shined.   They are not very big, usually from about the size of a marble to a maximum of about the size of a golf ball (Although if cared for and cultivated properly as we do, we usually achieve the latter).     Gathering the fruit is not a simple task, but we persevere.   They have a golden skin with some red patches, with a light yellow inside fruit.  By fermenting the entire plum for a couple of days before pressing, the finished wine inherits a golden color. 

It is considered somewhat sweet and has a very mellow but distinctive flavor.   Most prefer it slightly chilled, and some even like to mix it with some kind of spritzer such as soda water or ginger ale.  It is a surprisingly pleasant experience.


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