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"Good wine is a necessity of life for me."  Thomas Jefferson

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Elderberry Wine
Blackberry Wine
Blueberry Wine
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Strawberry Wine Information

Blueberry: very flavorful semi-sweet wine.

Fruit Bottle Price Case Price (includes 10% discount)
Blueberry $10.25 $110.70

Blackberry: sweet and luscious wine made from Arkansas blackberries.

Fruit Bottle Price Case Price (includes 10% discount)
Blackberry $10.25 $110.70

Elderberry: a special wine made from a small, dark berry that grows wild in the Arkansas River Valley.

Fruit Bottle Price Case Price (includes 10% discount)
Elderberry $16.00 $172.80

Plum : sweet and tangy fruit wine made from wild Arkansas plums.

Fruit Bottle Price Price Per Case (includes 10% discount)
Plum $10.25 $110.70

Strawberry: delicious sweet wine made from vine ripened berries. 

Fruit Bottle Price Case Price (includes 10% discount)
Strawberry $10.25 $110.70

Raspberry: this fragrant, elegant, and moderately sweet wine was the delightful result of the fermentation of plump, juicy red raspberries.

Fruit Bottle Price Case Price (includes 10% discount)
Raspberry $13.00 $140.40

Additional Information

Sales: sales@mountbethel.com

If you send us an e-mail with your address, phone number and your wine request we will contact you to let you know if we are able to ship to your state and what the charges are.

***Or if you wish to contact us directly for shipping costs, ordering and other information please call us 479.468.2444.  2 bottle minimum order.


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